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Komaba Museum

Komaba Museum
Komaba Museum
Komaba Museum
Her Bachelors, Even
The Tokyo Version of "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even"

The building which used to be the Daiichi-Koto-Gakko Library was refurbished and reopened in 2003 as the Komaba Museum, consisting of the College Art Museum and the College Science Museum.

Both the College Science Museum and the College Art Museum are open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. Special exhibitions may have different opening hours.

The College Art Museum

Founded on the initiative of the first Dean, Tadao Yanaihara, the Art Museum held its opening exhibition in 1951. The museum houses a variety of materials and items including archaeologcal materials from ancient China, Korea and Japan, archaeological and ethnographical artifacts of the Andes, replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, as well as works by modern Japanese painters such as Tsune Nakamura and Kunishiro Mitsutani (from the collection of the Dai-ichi Koto Gakko). Since the late 1970s, the collection has expanded to include contemporary art in the form of both art-works and slide documentation.

This new emphasis culminated in the acquisition, in 1980, of the Tokyo Version of Marcel Duchamp's monumental "The Large Glass" or "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even." This is the third and last authorized replica, realized faithfully according to Duchamp's instructions, and as such attracts international attention.

The museum is open to the public, and it attracts many visitors, especially on the occasions of temporary exhibitions. Noted scholars, artists, designers, writers and critics give lectures several times a year. From 1973 until 2003 the museum published an annual Art Museum News containing research reports and articles on exhibitions.

The museum is presenting three exhibitions during this academic year: "Collections of the Art Museum: Ancient Chinese Roof Tiles and Bronze Mirrors", "The 30th Anniversary of the Making of The Large Glass (Japanese Version)" and "The Science and Technology of Vacuums".

The College Science Museum

Established in 1953 to support general education in the College of Arts and Sciences, the museum, now located on the second floor of the Komaba Museum, is operated by the College Science Museum Committee, and, like the College Art Museum, is open to the public. The collection includes extensive samples of mineral ores, fungi, and butterflies and other insects. Also housed in the museum are filmed records of volcanic activity as well as a collection of old experimental apparatus, measuring instruments, and models for teaching, used during the earlier period of introducing Western science and engineering to Japan (from the collection of the Dai-ichi Koto Gakko). Major items on permanent display are a collection of apparatus for physico-chemical experiments.

The museum is presenting three exhibitions during this academic year: "Cover Illustrations of Shuseibutsugaku Kenkyu (official journal of the Society for the Study of Species Biology in Japan)", "Collections of the Science Museum: Old Experimental Apparatus (from the collection of the Dai-ichi Koto Gakko)" and "The World of Renewable Energy".

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