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Application Information for Graduate Students

Applications for Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship Loans for Graduate Students 2013


Japanese nationals or residents (excluding international students) who are currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences.

Categories of Scholarship Loans

(1) Category 1 Loans (Interest-free)
Master's students: choose from 50,0000 yen or 88,000 yen per month
Doctoral students: choose from 80,000 yen or 122,000 yen per month

(2) Category 2 Loans (Low-interest)
All graduate students: choose from 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen , 100,000 yen, 130,000 or 150,000 yen per month

Loan Period

(1) Category 1:
from April 2013 until the end of the standard duration of degree completion.

(2) Category 2 Loans:
from any month between April 2013 and September 2013 until the end of the standard duration of degree completion.

* The first installment is scheduled for June 11, 2013.

Distribution of Application Forms

Monday 11th March 2013 to Tuesday 9th April 2013.
* Excluding Monday 1st April, Tuesday 2nd April, weekends and national holidays.

Application Period

Thursday 4th April 2013 to Tuesday 9th April 2013.
* After submitting the paper application, a supplementary online application is also necessary.
* Applications are only accepted once for the 2013 academic year. Any applications after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please plan ahead before applying.

Place of Application

Scholarship Section, Student Support Division (Administration Office Building, 1st floor, Counter 7)
* Applications must be made in person directly at the counter and will not be accepted by post.

Selection decisions

All applicants will be notified of the selection decisions by post at the end of June.

Other Information

(1) All JASSO scholarships are loan based. All students who receive aid have a repayment obligation. Students interested in applying should think carefully about their ability to repay after graduation.

(2) Application information for scholarships offered by public-interest corporations will be displayed on the bulletin board in front of the Student Support Division in the 1st floor of the Administration Office Building. (*Only a small number of scholarships are offered.)

(3) For students with a place at the University and who wish to receive an application form by post, please send an A-4 sized, self-addressed envelope affixed with a 200 yen stamp (470 yen for long-distance), along with your contact information and which materials you desire to the address below.

(4) Document Requests and Enquiries

Scholarship Section, Student Support Division, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
TEL: 03-5454-6075/6076
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902, Japan


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