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Procedures for Postponing Repayment - for Current Students

* The submission deadline has already passed, but if you would like to request a postponement of your loan repayment, please submit a ‘Certificate of Enrolment’ as soon as possible. Please note that since the deadline has already passed, it may not be possible to process the request in time before repayment commences.

Postponing Repayment by submitting a ‘Certificate of Enrolment’
Students who have previously received student loans from JASSO (former Japan Scholarship Foundation), and who meet the following eligibility conditions as of or after April 2013 can postpone their repayment by submitting a ‘Certificate of Enrolment’. If you are eligible, please consult the following guidelines and complete the submission.

1. Eligible Students

(1) Those who will matriculate as an undergraduate or a graduate student in April 2013.
(2) Those who have submitted a ‘Certificate of Enrolment’ in the past, who will remain enrolled at the University after April 2013 in excess of their standard course duration.
(3) Those who terminated (declined) their student loan in the previous year, who will remain enrolled at the University after April 2013.

2. Documents to submit

‘Certificate of Enrolment’ *In Japanese ((‘Certificate of Enrolment’ sample entry *In Japanese icon_pdf.gif)
* Please copy and use the format for ‘Certificate of Enrolment’ included at the back of the ‘Guide to Repayment’.
* Candidates for an advanced reservation scholarship will have already submitted a ‘Continuation to Further Study’ form online, so do not need to complete the procedures explained on this page.

3. Submission period

Wednesday 3 April 2013 – Friday 12 April 2013

Submit to

Scholarship Section, Student Support Division (Counter 7, Administration Building 1F)

* Students of the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences: please submit to the Academic Affairs Section for the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences.

5. Other Information

If you are submitting a ‘Certificate of Enrolment’, it is assumed that you have already submitted a ‘Repayment Guarantee (Loan acknowledgement)’. If you have yet to do so, please submit the document at once to the Scholarship Section of the Student Support Division.


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