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Last modified on April 10, 2017


Position Announcements April 10, 2017

Job Announcement Associate professor (junkyouju), full-time (tenured)(Department of German Languages)

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Title and Number of positions

Associate professor (junkyouju) , full-time (tenured) / One position


Start of employment

April 1, 2018, or later



No fixed term (tenured position)


Place of work

3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Culture and Representation Course, Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Department of German Languages, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Komaba.




a. Teaching German-language classes and introductory content-specific courses in the undergraduate lower division (first- and second-year students).
b. Teaching content-specific undergraduate and graduate courses on culture and representation and German language related courses.
c. Supervising research for undergraduate and graduate students on culture and representation.


Working hours



Holidays and paid vacations

Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, New Year's holiday (December 29 to January 3).
Annual paid vacation, special summer paid vacation, congratulation/condolence leave, etc.



As prescribed by the University of Tokyo's regulations.


Social insurance

The successful candidate will be enrolled in social
insurance in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.



Doctorate (already received or expected to be received before the date of appointment), or equivalent research experience, in the field of culture and representation or a related field in the humanities (visual studies, cinema studies, theatre studies, literary studies, theory and history of arts, philosophy, etc.). Japanese-language ability sufficient for teaching and administrative responsibilities at the university. Those experienced in rigorous international research exchanges and in teaching German at the university level are preferred. Ability to give lectures in English will also be appreciated.


Application documents and how to apply

a. CV in the University of Tokyo's standard resume format. (The necessary form can be downloaded at the following URL: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/news/jobs)
b. List of publications and academic presentations (use A4 size paper).
c. Three major publications (can include Ph.D. dissertation). Provide two copies of each item (original copy, reprint, or photocopy), including, if possible, one item written in German.
d. Summary of the three items listed in c. above in Japanese (about 2000 characters) or in English or German (about 600 words).
e. A written research proposal in Japanese (about 2000 characters) or in English or German (about 600 words).
f. Two enclosed and securely sealed letters of reference (in Japanese, English or German).
Submit all of the required documents together by registered mail or parcel delivery service.
1. Print "Application for tenured position" in red on envelope containing application documents.
2. Materials submitted for the application process cannot, in principle, be returned. If you wish them to be returned, enclose a stamped return envelope with the application documents. Personal information received through this application process will not be used for any other purposes.


Application deadline and

selection process

Applications should be postmarked no later than Tuesday, May 15, 2017.
First stage: Evaluation of submitted documents.
Second stage: Applicants who pass the first stage will be interviewed in early June or later. (Travel and other expenses will be borne by the applicants.)
Those applicants will be notified of the time, location, and other details of the interview later. For applicants residing abroad, this will be done electronically (such as by video conference).


Address for application submission

Prof. Shoichiro Kawai
Culture and Representation Course, Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Komaba 3-8-1, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 153-8902, Japan



The job involves a probationary period (six months from the starting day of employment).


Where to make contact

Shoichiro Kawai
Culture and Representation Course
Dept. of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
E-mail: kobo [at] chora.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp
(Please replace [at] with @ when sending e-mail.)
Home page: http://repre.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/


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