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Last modified on June 13, 2017


Position Announcements June 13, 2017

Project Assistant Professor or Project Lecturer for Faculty Development

| Japanese | English |


Title Number of positions

One Project Assistant Professor (tokunin jokyo) or Project Lecturer (tokunin koshi)


Starting date

September 1, 2017 or later



Contingent on funding and job performance, renewable every new school year (in April) for twice (up to three years).



Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo (3-8-1 Komaba Meguro-ku Tokyo, Japan)



Center for International Exchange, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences



In 2015, the College of Arts and Sciences launched "Global Faculty Development (GFD)," a faculty development program focused primarily on courses offered in languages other than Japanese (mostly English). The College is seeking a qualified scholar/practitioner who can contribute to the improvement of our non-Japanese medium courses by developing and managing GFD. The prime responsibilities of the position entail leading the day-to-day operation of GFD, including organizing conferences and various seminars, inviting scholars from abroad, developing and maintaining a website, liaising with stakeholders on campus, being involved in or conducting pedagogical research and teaching, and any other activities related to facilitating faculty development at the College.

*Note the position involves duties during the non-teaching summer and winter periods as well as during the regular terms.


Working hours

As prescribed by the University of Tokyo regulations (Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work [senmongata sairyo rodosei].)


Holidays, paid vacations, and salary

As prescribed by the University of Tokyo regulations


Social insurance, etc.

Employment insurance and others, as prescribed by the University of Tokyo regulations


Required qualifications

1) Advanced language skills, sufficient to conduct faculty development in English (and in any other additional languages, if possible). Japanese language competency is also required to carry out administrative duties and liaise with colleagues. Please indicate your language skills on the C.V.
2) Experience in research and teaching in an international context (with a focus on areas such as faculty development, intercultural communication and others).
3) Experience of study abroad in undergraduate and/or graduate schools for a minimum of one year.
4) Experience of having taught in languages other than Japanese in higher education.
5) Master's degree or higher in a relevant field.


Application documents

[Application method (including where to send documents)]
1) Cover letter
2) C.V. in the University of Tokyo format. (Downloadable from www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/per01/r01_j.html)
3) List of research accomplishments
4) Outline of faculty development-related experiences
5) Up to three publications (one copy of each)
6) Statement detailing faculty development projects in English (and/or other languages) you would wish to undertake at the University of Tokyo. Write in Japanese and English. Maximum two pages each on A-4 or letter-size paper.
7) Contact details for two academic referees
8) Self-addressed return envelope (no postage stamps necessary)


Closing date

Application materials must be received by July 10, 2017


Address for applications and inquiries

Yujin Yaguchi
Professor and Director
Center for International Exchange
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
3-8-1 Komaba Meguro-ku
Tokyo Japan
email: goadmin[at]global.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp (at=@)
Enclose the above and write on the envelope in RED "Global Faculty Development Position." Please send your application by registered mail (e.g., FEDEX, DHL, EMS, Japanese kakitome, or others). Walk-in (self-delivery) will not be accepted.



After an initial document screening, selected candidates will be invited at the University of Tokyo Komaba campus for an interview. Travel and other expenses will be borne by the applicants. For those residing outside Japan, the interview will be conducted electronically (such as by video conference).



Application materials will not be returned. However, should the candidate wish to have his/her monograph(s) or other book-length work(s) returned, he or she should include an appropriate self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. The application materials will only be used for this hiring and will not be shared with another party unless the candidate consents otherwise.


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