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Procedures for repayment exemptions for Category 1 loans

* Application closed

2012 JASSO Category 1 Graduate Student loans: Application for ‘Repayment Exemption for Outstanding Achievement’

Eligible students

Of those who obtained a Graduate Student Category 1 loan in or after 2004, and have terminated their loan during 2012 (reaching end of loan period, completion of standard course duration, early degree completion, withdrawal, declining loan offered etc.), students who have accomplished outstanding achievements on their current program of study are eligible for consideration.

* If the application is approved by JASSO following an internal screening process and recommendation by the Graduate School and the University, there will be a full or a half-exemption on up to 30% of the student loan. Please also refer to the ‘Guide to Repayment’ for information.

Application documents

For every document, please submit 3 copies (1 original, and 2 copies of the original)

(1) ‘Application form for Repayment Exemption for Outstanding Achievement (Form 1-1, 1-2)’ …The student’s supervisor will need to fill in their reasons for making the recommendation, and affix their seal on the form.

(2) ‘Academic transcript during period of enrolment’

(3) ‘Document(s) to prove outstanding achievement’
* Please make sure to submit documents to prove your achievements (As a general rule, documents must be bound to A4size; please write down your name, department, and student ID number.)
* In the case of degree theses, please submit a ‘Certificate of Academic Degree’. For all other research papers etc., please submit any documents that show that the papers have been assessed, e.g. copy of (major) publications in journals, outline of works/papers.
* Please note that the issuing of Certificates of Academic Degree by the Academic Affairs Division for students expecting to complete their degree in March will be processed all together by the Student Support Division.

(4) Other information
* Please pay attention to any additional instructions that may be given by your department.

Distribution and submission of application documents

(1) Distribution period : Monday 7 January 2013 – Friday 15 February 2013

(2) Submission period : Monday 7 January 2013 – Friday 22 February 2013 9:00 – 16: 30

(3) Forms to be obtained from & submitted to: Scholarship Section, Student Support Division (Administration Building 1F, Counter 7)

* Counter closed during week-ends and public holidays
* Application cannot be accepted by post: if the student is unable to submit the application in person at the counter, they will need to attach a ‘Letter of Proxy’ (A4 free format, Student ID No., Name and Reason for not submitting in person’, and entrust that individual with the submission of forms.

Other information

(1) Those who intend to withdraw from the University/decline their student loan (including those accepting a JSPS Research Fellowship offer) must first submit a notice of this change by Friday 22 February 2013, before completing the above procedures.

(2) Students who complete their Master’s degree program in 2012, and would like a repayment exemption on their student loan for their Master’s, must apply this time even if they are proceeding to PhD. They will not be eligible to apply after this year.

(3) If the applicant has failed to submit a ‘Repayment Guarantee’, JASSO will not grant a repayment exemption even if the applicant has completed the above application procedures.
Please submit a ‘Repayment Guarantee’ without fail.

(4) Selection for repayment exemptions will be made by JASSO’s Committee on Repayment Exemptions for Outstanding Achievements. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by either the University or JASSO in mid/late June.


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