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Public Corporation Scholarship Foundations

Scholarships are awarded to students with an exceptional academic record, personal character and health, who have been deemed to be in need of financial assistance in order to continue with their studies.
For the latest information, please ensure to check the notice boards in the lobby of the Student Support Section (Administration Building, First Floor). Application periods are mainly concentrated in April, so interested students are advised to check and apply early.

1. Types

Bursary scholarships (no repayment required)
Loan scholarships (interest-free, repayment within 8-20 years of graduation)

2. Payment method

Bank transfer or by cash at the Scholarship Office

3. Selection criteria

Students will be shortlisted based on both their academic record and parental annual income. (The individual scholarship organizations will then select, test and interview shortlisted candidates to reach a final decision.)

4. Responsibilities of scholars

Reports on their academic results and living situations; attendance at scholar events (There are no stipulations on the destinations of scholars after graduation.) )

5. Application method

Applications materials are distributed at Desk 7 on the first floor of the Administration Building. Please make an application with all the required documents.

6. Points to note

- International students are not eligible. Information on scholarships specifically for international students can be found at the Komaba International Office Support Center (Administration Office, First Floor Lounge).
- Many scholarship organizations require completion of a Health Questionnaire. Please ensure to attend the 'Regular Health Checks' ran by the Health Service Center

[For reference] Local Government Scholarships
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*Organisations that offered scholarships to the university in April 2012.

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