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Local Government Scholarships

For the latest information, please check the notice boards in the lobby of the Student Support Section (Administration Building 1F). Application periods are mainly concentrated in April, so interested students are advised to check and apply early.

[For reference] Examples of Local Government Scholarships

Ishikawa prefecture educational fund, Ibaraki prefectural scholarship, Gifu prefectural scholarship, Toyama prefectural scholarship, Niigata prefectural scholarship for university students, Fukui prefectural scholarship for graduate students, Fukushima prefectural scholarship, Miyazaki prefecture educational fund, Miyazaki prefecture scholarship committee, Yamaguchi prefecture Hitozukuri foundation, Kawasaki city scholarship for university students, Hachinohe city scholarship, Sapporo city scholarship
*Above are examples of organisations that offered scholarships to the university in 2012 (April/May).

*For scholarships from organisations not listed above, please contact them directly.
*Some organisations may offer scholarships directly without going through the university.

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