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General Information on Scholarships

Section in charge Student Support Division, Scholarship Section
Location Administration Office Building, 1st floor, Counter 7
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Applying for a Scholarship

Two types of scholarships are offered, one by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and the other by local public organizations and public corporations. Information on the application process is explained below.
In addition, the Ichiko-Shibata Scholarship Fund offers emergency scholarships for students at the College of Arts and Sciences.

1. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

All JASSO Scholarships are loan based. All students who receive aid have a repayment obligation. Students interested in applying should think carefully about their ability repay after graduation.

no_01_info.gif Categories of Loans

There are two categories of loans: Category 1 (interest-free) and Category 2 (low-interest).

no_02_info.gif Monthly Loan Amount (for students starting in 2011)

Category Level of study Monthly loan amount
Category 1
Undergraduate Students living at home: 30,0000 yen or 45,000 yen per month
Students not living at home: 30,000 yen or 51,000 yen per month
Master's students 50,000 yen or 88,000 yen per month
Doctoral students 50,000 yen or 122,000 yen per month
Category 2
Undergraduate 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen or 120,000 yen per month
Master's and doctoral students 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 130,000 yen or 150,000 yen per month

no_03_info.gif Eligibility

Students must meet both academic and financial requirements. Requirements for Category 2 loans are less strict, and are relatively easy to apply for. For more details, please refer to the application guidelines or ask for more information at Counter 7 in the Administration Office Building.

no_04_info.gif Application Period

Application information for undergraduate students will be distributed in mid-April; information sessions will also be held so please ensure that you attend. Application information for graduate students will be distributed in mid-March. Detailed information will be displayed on the Scholarship Section bulletin boards at the Student Support Division (Administration Office Building, 1st floor)

In addition, if there is a sudden change in your financial circumstances please contact the counter to find out more information about emergency funding.

no_05_info.gif Other information

Students who are in receipt of JASSO Category 1 or 2 scholarships must renew their scholarship once a year. If you fail to make the necessary arrangements your scholarship will be terminated. More information will be displayed on the Scholarship Section bulletin boards from mid-December (to be confirmed).

2. Local Public Organizations and Public Corporations

(1) Eligibility for scholarships offered by local public organizations are limited to students from the local area, or students whose guardians are residents of the area. There are around ten organizations who offer scholarships to students through the university, most of which are loan-based, interest-free scholarships from 25,000 yen to 51,000 yen per month.

(2) Eligibility for scholarships offered by public corporations vary according to the corporation. Many place restrictions on place of birth, or by field or year of study. There are around 20 corporations that offer loan-based, interest-free scholarships (20,000 yen - 60,000 yen per month) and around 40 that offer scholarships with no repayment obligations (15,000 yen - 80,000 yen per month). In addition to assessing academic performance and household income, many corporations require applicants to write an essay or attend an interview. Generally, only one to four students are accepted per year.

(3) Application periods for both (1) and (2) are generally concentrated in April, but there may be other opportunities throughout the year. These will be displayed on an ad-hoc basis at the lobby of the Administration Office Building, Student Support Division. Interested students should regularly check the bulletin boards and speak to a member of staff at Counter 7 well in advance.

In addition, there are organizations that offer scholarships to students privately and not through the university.

3. Ichiko-Shibata Scholarship Fund

(Emergency Scholarships for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences)

The Ichiko-Shibata Scholarship Fund was established from donations given to the College of Arts and Sciences. The fund provides emergency financial assistance to students in need, taking into account the wishes of the donors as well.

no_01_info.gif Eligibility

Students who meet all three requirements below are eligible for a scholarship.
(Research students and visiting students are ineligible.)

1. Students who are experiencing financial difficulty, while also displaying academic excellence and exceptional character.

2. Students who have had a sudden change in their family’s financial circumstances that makes payment of tuition fees difficult. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the death of the person primarily responsible for payment of tuition fees, or situations in which students or their providers have sustained damage from storms, floods or other natural disasters.

3. Students who were unable to apply for a tuition-fee waiver or other regular university scholarship programs for the semester of application.
(Students who have had a sudden change in their family’s financial circumstances after already applying for a tuition-fee waiver or other regular scholarship programs are eligible to apply.)

no_02_info.gif Scholarship amounts and number of installments

The scholarship amount will be up to half of the yearly tuition fees, and will be determined based on the financial situation of the student’s family. As a general rule, the amount will be paid in one installment.

no_03_info.gif  Application Period

First semester: 1st May to the last day of August
Second semester: 1st November to the last day of February

* Please submit the prescribed application form along with required materials (e.g. income verification forms) to the section in charge. Application forms are available throughout the year from the same section.

no_04_info.gif Other Information

1) Selection for scholarships will be conducted according to the same criteria as for the tuition waiver program, which takes into account the financial situation of the student’s families, etc.

2) Selection decisions for scholarships will be announced after the decisions for tuition waivers for each semester, and will vary according to the application period.

In cases where the student has also applied for a tuition waiver and were successful for a full waiver, they will no longer be considered for this fund. They may also not be considered if they gained a waiver for half of their fees.

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