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Global Focus on Knowledge

'Global Focus on Knowledge' started in the Winter Semester of 2005, the first trial of this kind in the world. The objective is to allow first and second year students, who have just taken their first step into the academic world, to take a broader perspective on the systems and structures of knowledge, and to provide them with a bird's-eye view of their respective academic fields and a sense of the organic links between the different fields. It is hoped that these lectures will enable the students to develop their awareness of the purpose and the academic positioning of the courses offered at Komaba, and provide them with a chance to build their vision for their future research. The lectures are delivered by world-class researchers who lead their respective academic fields, most of whom are teaching staff of the University, and they are attended by many students - irrespective of their academic background - greatly stimulating the students' studies. The 'Global Focus on Knowledge' Lectures are broadcast live on campus via the Internet, and DVD recordings of the lectures are available to watch in the audio-visual section of the Komaba Library from a few days after each lecture. In addition, images and materials from the lectures are made widely available to the public through the University of Tokyo's OpenCourseWare (UTOCW), and it is also possible to watch the lectures on Podcast.


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