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Center for Global Communication Strategies (CGCS)

In light of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident in Japan, as well as the rapid progression of globalization, the need to develop global citizens among such unprecedented domestic and international challenges is a national concern that can no longer be put to rest with empty slogans. Our center is dedicated to developing such global citizens, through a multi-perspective research on how to develop education systems that can cultivate communication skills in the broadest sense, and through programs based on the results of this research. Starting with the Department of English at the College of Arts and Sciences and with the cooperation of various administrative divisions within the College, our center will devote our attention to implementing these programs.

The goals of our activities over the next five years are:

  1. To improve the efficiency of English-language communication
  2. To develop critical thinking skills through language education (including Japanese language education)
  3. To build systems for international and exchange through short-term study abroad programs, etc.
  4. To develop strategies for language education in foreign languages other than English
  5. To take initiative in developing a global liberal arts education

This center is endeavoring to implement a program (ALESA) for the efficient acquisition of English, as its importance as a global language is more urgent than ever. However, any genuine moves towards addressing internationalization cannot avoid the fundamental issues of global communication - namely, the cultural and historical issues that surround questions of individual identity within a global society, and the language policy issues on the needs and selection of languages other than English. This center anticipates and addresses various issues in this domain.


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