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Last modified on August 23, 2016

Issuing Certificates (Alumni of Faculty of Arts and Sciences)


When requesting a certificate, fill out an application form for certificates(excelicon_excel.gifpdficon_pdf.gif)and submit it to the Academic Affairs Division. Certificates may be requested by post or fax but should be received in person at the counter of the Senior Division Section or sent to the person or his/her family by post.
If there are any changes in your name after you graduated from Faculty of Arts and Science, submit the
notification of change in name (wordicon_word.gifpdficon_pdf.gif) to the Academic Affairs Division together with a Request Form for Certificates.
※If you would continue using your former name on your certificates, the notification is not required.

Use of automatic certificate-issuing machine

For those who graduated later than March 2006 and are currently enrolled in the graduate school of the University of Tokyo, Certificate of Completion and Transcript of Academic Records in Japanese are issued through the automatic certificate-issuing machine installed on the first floor of the Administration Building. You will need the pass word you used in the Senior Division when issuing said certificates.

In person at the counter of Academic Affairs Division

Some identification must be presented (e.g. student ID card, driver's license, passport or health insurance certificate card, etc) to apply for and receive certificates. If a proxy comes to apply or receive certificates in place of you, the Proxy Form(wordicon_word.gifpdficon_pdf.gif)must be filled out. (Click here for counter information)

Receiving Your Certificate by Post

Enclosing a self-addressed (addressed to the person who has requested the certificate), stamped return-mail envelope, please send the certificate application form to the address below. In Nagagata No. 3 (120 × 235 ) envelope, two pieces of certificates can be enclosed and it would need an eighty (82) JPY stamp for domestic mail.
We will send the certificate only to the person or the family of the person residing in Japan. To any other persons or institutions, the person or his/her family must forward it.
If you wish to have the certificate of the Junior Division and/or that of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences enclosed in the same envelope, you may add a memo in writing.

Contact Address

PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Division,
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Postal code: 153-8902
Administration Building 1F (counter No.2)
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5465-8220, 8237 (in Japanese/English)
E-mail: peak.admin

Contact Address

Senior Division Section, Academic Affairs Division,
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Postal code: 153-8902
Administration Building 1F (counter No.4)
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5454-6048, 6057 (in Japanese)

Mailing Service Request from Alumni Abroad

When you wish to have your certificate sent overseas via postal mail and cannot use Japanese stamps, please purchase an International Reply Coupon (IRC) at post office and enclose it when applying. You should send the stamps or coupon more than equivalent to the necessary postal rate for the university to send you your certificate(s). Unused stamps will be returned, if any. (For the use of IRC, the uncharged amount will only be returned.)
If you are currently enrolled in our university, it is acceptable to request certificates by post only when you cannot use the certificate-issuing machine due to special reasons including studying abroad.

Notes: Be sure to confirm once again that you have entered in the required fields with nothing omitted before sending your documents.