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Last modified on December 26, 2018

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All Students December 25, 2018

(Repost)"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services: Oct. 25 - Jan. 31 (Extended) (Updated: Dec. 25))  Important

"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services (Updated on Dec. 25)

Based on "The Basic Plan for Information Security Protection" the university
will conduct e-learning courses on information security for all members of the university annually.
Please make sure you take the course between October 22 and December 25 → January 31, 20189.
I.All members of the university that use university-provided computer services, i.e. 
 all members with UTokyo Accounts, are required to take this program.
 All students who have been issued with an UTokyo Account before October 1, 2018, including researchers and auditing students, etc. Students currently taking leave of absence are not required to take the course.
II.The information security education program will be conducted during the following time periods.
 Students: October 25 to December 25 → January 31, 20189
III.To take the e-learning course, please follow the steps outlined below.
 1.Login to ITC-LMS (also accessible off-campus)
 2.Select "Information Security Education"
 3.Study"Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use"
 4.Take the ten-question test about "Study"Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use"
  *You must answer all ten questions correctly to pass and finish the course.
   Please retake the test until you get all five answers right.
 5.Complete the questionnaire
  *For more details of how to take the course, please refer to the "Information Security Learning (e-learning) Manual for Students".
  *You must complete steps 3 to 5 to be able to finish the e-learning course.
  *Please make sure you take the course during the specified time period.
  *We are currently registering students who have obtained their UTokyo
Account by October 1, 2018 to the e-learning course. Those who enrolled after this date may not be able to take the test for a little while due to the time it takes to complete their registration. The e-learning course can be taken once the registration process has been completed. We thank you for your understanding.
 As the information security education e-learning course is mandatory for all who use university-provided computer services, those who do not complete it may have their access to some UTokyo Account services (such as UTokyo Wi-Fi access) revoked during February 1 to 28.
  Contact https://webform.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/Forms/InformationSecurityEducation/

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