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Last modified on January 19, 2017

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All Students January 19, 2017

Check your Exam-period Exam Schedule for 2016 A Semester (A1 Term/A2 Term) (Updated: Jan 19)  Important

Your Exam-period Exam schedule can be checked online.
Log in to UTask-Web and proceed to "Examination"→"Check Your Exam Details" from the Menu.

Note that any information displayed is subject to change.
Be sure to check details on UTask-Web for any changes before taking the exam.

Rules for Taking Exams  
Exam-period Exam Timetable (include Exam room) (Updated: Jan. 19)
Exam-period Exam Timetable for A Semester (A1/A2 Term) 2016 (Last updated: Dec. 15) 


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