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Counselling Services

First Point of Contact

The Student Support Division provides support for all personal and non-work related issues. Please feel free to drop in at any time.

Section in Charge Student Support Division  Location 1st Floor, Administration Building
Opening Hours Weekdays 9:00 - 16:50  
Student Support Section(Counter 8) Issuing of student ID/proof of study, notice board reception, classrooms and equipment hire, short-term student loans, car entry/parking permission, bicycle parking registration, lost and found, student societies administration, etc.
tel 03-5454-6074
Registration for Extra-Curricular Activity Buildings and University Villas(Sportia)Hire; Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research; registration for events sponsored by the Athletic Association
tel 03-5454-6074

Services related to the First-Year Activity Center
tel 03-5465-8249

Scholarship Section(Counter 7) Tuition fee waiver and scholarships (JASSO, local public organizations, private corporations)
tel 03-5454-6075/6076
Student Welfare Section(Counter 6) Services related to the Mitaka International Hall of Residence, and finding part-time work
tel 03-5454-6077・6078


List of Counseling and Support Counters

Counseling on Personal Issues Komaba Student Counseling Center
Advice on Selecting your Speciality Academic Guidance Center
Advice on Harassment Harassment Counseling Center
Advice and Support for Students with Disabilities Disability Services Office Komaba
Information and Advice for Career Planning and Finding a Job Career Support Office
Advice for International Students: Worries and Questions Komaba International Office (IO)