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Last modified on March 29, 2018

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All Students March 29, 2018

2018 S Semester (S1/S2 Term) Syllabus (Update)

2018 S Semester (S1/S2 Term) Syllabus can be seen online. Log in to UTAS and click "Syllabus".

Classroom change/ timetable change may occur, so please check the bulletin board, or "Course Information" on the left side menu of this page before attending classes.

《Syllabus Booklets and Commuter Certificate Distribution》
Please pick up the following booklets and leaflets, etc before attending classes.

1. Syllabus and Timetables booklet
2. April -entry student's Syllabus and Timetables booklet (If necessary)
3. Leaflet of "How to Register for Courses"
4. New Proof of Commuting (tsuugaku teiki jyousha kounyuu shoumeisho) (If necessary)

Distribution period: March 29 (Thu)  ~ April 4 (Wed)
Distribution time: 9:00AM ~ 4:50PM
Place: PEAK/GPEAK Section Counter (Admin. Bldg 1F, Counter no.2)

Please show your Student ID card at the counter.

- 2018 Syllabus and Timetables S Semester (S1/S2 Term) is available online from here.

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