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Last modified on October 22, 2020

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All Students October 22, 2020

View Your Grades for 2020 S Semester Make-up Exam  Important

Notification of 2020 S Semester Make-up Exam Grade Reports: October 23 (Fri) 10AM

Check your grade reports on UTAS through "Grades" → "Junior Division" → "Check Status of Evaluation ". Please print out by yourself or download the PDF.

*Grades will be changed for the courses that you have taken the make-up exams for.
*Note that if your score in a make-up exam is lower than the score received in the end-of-semester exam, the end-of-semester exam score will be recorded in your grade report for that semester.

<Grade Confirmation Request>
Submissin period: October 23 (Fri) 10:00AM- October 26 (Mon) 4:50PM [Strictly observed]
For this time, the grade confirmation request can be submitted using the online form from here. (available from October 23 (Fri) 10AM)
If you have recieved the grades "F", "Fail" or "Absent" and believe there is an obvious error in the evaluation, you can request a confirmation of grade evaluation.
Please sign in with your email address (your ten digits number@utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp) and password (same as for UTokyo accout ).

●The students can view the grade scores from November 6 (Fri) 10AM.
●The students can obtain the transcripts with the grade of make-up exam for 2020S Semester from Novemer 6 (Fri) 10AM.

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