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Last modified on May 12, 2021

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All Students May 12, 2021

Register your current address, and email address on UTAS (Safety Confirmation System)  Important

Dear Students,

On Komaba I campus, the "Safety Confirmation System" has been used to promptly confirm the safety of students and faculty members in the event of a large-scale disaster such as a big earthquake. An email will be sent from the safety confirmation service when an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 5 -lower or over on the Japanese scale occurs or a large tsunami warning is issued in the prefecture of [commuting place] or [place of residence].

The safety confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered on UTAS, so please check the following points.

- Log in to UTAS and make sure your email address is correct.

- If you change your email address, be sure to update the email address on UTAS.

-The prefecture of place of residence is based on the "Student Contact Information" registered on UTAS. Be sure to update your contact address on UTAS when you move to another place or when you have gone back to your hometown for a long time.

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