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Last modified on May 14, 2021

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All Students May 14, 2021

View Your Grades for 2020 A Semester Make-up Exam  Important

Notification of 2020 A Semester Make-up Exam Grade Reports: May 17 (Mon) 10:00AM

Check your grade reports on UTAS through "Grades" → "Junior Division" → "Check Status of Evaluation ". Please print out by yourself or download the PDF.

*Grades will be changed for the courses that you have taken the make-up exams for.

*Note that if your score in a make-up exam is lower than the score received in the end-of-semester exam, the end-of-semester exam score will be recorded in your grade report for that semester.

<Grade Confirmation Request>

Submission period: May 17 (Mon) 10:00AM- May 18 (Tue) 4:50PM [Observe Strictly]

For this time, the grade confirmation request can be submitted using the online form from here.

(available until May 18 (Tue) 4:50PM)

If you have received the grades "F", "Fail" or "Absent" and believe there is an obvious error in the evaluation, you can request a confirmation of grade evaluation.

Please sign in with your email address (your ten digits number@utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp) and password (same as for UTokyo account).

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