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Last modified on January 30, 2024

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All Students January 30, 2024

Make-up Exams for the 2023 A Semester (A1 & A2 Term)

Make-up exams for courses offered in the A Semester will be held in late April.

Courses that apply are Foreign Language courses (Japanese) and other Foundation Courses (Mathematical Sciences/Material and Life Sciences/Information). Criteria that apply are Criteria A and Criteria C. (Note: Criteria C does not apply to Foreign Language courses (Japanese).)

Make-up Exams for Criteria A

(Those acknowledged as having been absent due to unforeseen circumstances)

A student who was absent from a Regular Exam due to illness, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances

-Registration method: Submit the form "Make-up Exam (Absence) Request" and an official document such as a medical certificate to PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Division through the below "Make-up Exam (Absence) Request" Microsoft Forms: https://forms.office.com/r/N0dYtz9Xbz

-Registration Period [Strictly observed]: April 1 (Mon) 10:00 AM ~ April 5(Fri) 4: 00 PM

After the requests are screened, a list of students who are given permission to take the make-up exam will be informed via email. No registration is required through UTAS.

Make-up Exams for Criteria C

(Those who were absent from the Regular Exams, or received a grade of "F/Fail")

A student who was absent from a Regular Exam or received a grade of "F/Fail" can make a request.

-Registration method: via UTAS

"Grade"→ "Exam-Period Exam"→ " Register for Make-Up Exams" screen after logging in to UTAS. (Select the course you want to apply to register and click "Register" button on the screen.)

-Registration Period [Strictly observed]: April 1 (Mon) 11:00AM ~ April 5 (Fri) 4:00 PM


Submission of "Make-up Exam (Absence) Request" (Criteria A)

April 1 (Mon) ~ 5 (Fri) 4:00 PM

Microsoft Forms

Registration for Make-up Exam (Criteria C)

April 1 (Mon) ~ 5 (Fri) 4: 00PM


Announcement of Screening Results

April 12 (Fri) (provisional)

Email from PEAK/GPEAK Section

Make-up Exam

Late April (TBA)

-Timetable for Make-up Exams will be announced in mid-April.

-For details about Make-up Exams, refer to the PEAK Academic Handbook p. 56.

January, 2024


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