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Last modified on July 27, 2020

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Year 2 July 27, 2020

Make-up Exam for the 2020 S Semester Criteria A (For Second- Year Students)  Important

A Second year student who are absent from the Regular Exams due to illness, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances must submit "Make-up Exam (Absence) Request" as well as an official document such as a medical certificate to PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Division at peak.admin.c[@]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp.

After screening, a list of students who are given permission to take the make-up exam will be notified via email. The make-up exam for those second year students will be held on Monday, August 6. Courses that apply are Mathematical Sciences / Material and Life Sciences.

Submission Period: Monday, July 27 - 4:50 pm on Wednesday, July 29 (Strictly observed)
Submission Method: email to PEAK/GPEAK Section at peak.admin.c[@]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

July 27, 2020


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