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Last modified on September 2, 2020

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Year 2 September 2, 2020

(Repost) Make-up Exam registration for S Semester 2020  Important

<Criteria C>
Those who were absent from the Regular Exam, or received a grade of "F/Fail"
Eligible courses: Mathematical Sciences, Material and Life Sciences
Submission period: From 10am on Thursday, September 10 to 4:50pm on Monday, September 14
-Tick the checkbox for the course you will register on UTAS screen and click register (or confirm) button (Log in >"Grade">"Exam-Period Exam">"Register for Make-up Exams"). When you log out and reopen the registration screen, and if the course is/are appeared with check, it means you have completed your registration.

・Refer to the PEAK Academic Handbook P.56-58 for details about the Make-up Exam.
・The above deadlines are strictly observed.

・The methods, dates and time periods for the Make-up exams will be notified at a later date.

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