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Last modified on January 10, 2018

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All Students January 10, 2018

Exam-period Exam Schedule and Evaluation Method for A Semester (A1/A2 Term) 2017 (Updated: Jan. 10)  Important

Log in to UTAS and click “Grade”→“Exam-Period Exam”→” Check Evaluation Method”.
If there is any change, the data will be updated occasionally.  Be sure to check details on UTAS for any changes before taking the exam.

Moreover, evaluation methods Last-Class Exams indicated on PEAK Academic Handbook (e.g. Japanese language courses, etc.) are not included.  Make sure you find out from the instructor how you will be evaluated for these courses.

Rules for Taking Examsicon_pdf.gif
Exam-Period Exam Timetable (Last updated: Dec. 13)icon_pdf.gif
Exam-Period Exam Timetable (Outline) (Last updated: Jan. 10)icon_pdf.gif

Exam-Period Exam Timetable (include Exam room) (Last updated: Jan. 10)icon_pdf.gif

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