Notification Regarding Overseas Travel and Entry to Japan During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic (2nd Notification) (2020.11.19)
Policies for the A Semester(2020.09.23)
Precautions Regarding the Resumption of Extracurricular Activities(2020.07.31)
On the Resumption of Extracurricular Activities(2020.07.27)
Response to University of Tokyo's Guidelines for Strengthening Measures to Prevent Coronavirus Infections (2020.07.27)

Launch of COVID-19 Infection Report Form(2020.07.27)

Entry allowed only through the Main Gate.
[ University members affiliated with organizations on the Komaba I Campus ]
Applying in advance and submitting the Health Management Report Form is required for entry.
Apply on the Entry Application Site, and present your "Entry Application Response Message" as well as your staff ID, student ID, researcher ID, etc. upon entering.
If you have not taken your temperature or have not registered or applied for entry in advance, you can enter once you have had your temperature taken in the guards' office and filled out the "Registration of Campus Entry" form (Form 5) (You can also fill this form out in advance.)

[ All others ]
In principle, entry is prohibited.
Those who have received special permission to enter must, upon confirming with the organization in charge of their activities on campus, show their special entry permit or submit the "Registration of Campus Entry" form (Form 5) to the guards at the gate.

【Important:2020.9.24 updated】Changing of Services Regarding the Komaba Library Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease

Notification Regarding Overseas Travel (2020.4.2)

Class Cancellation due to disaster


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