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Last modified on March 12, 2021

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All Students March 11, 2021

2021 S Semester (S1/S2 Term) Syllabuses are now available on UTAS.   Important

Syllabuses for S Semester (S1・S2 Term) became open. Each course information can be seen online through UTAS from "Syllabus" → "Search Syllabus by the following criteria" or "Free Search".

For the S Semester (S1/S2 terms), in consideration of the global pandemic of coronavirus and the situation of many PEAK students who are currently out of Japan, we will continue offering online courses, as in the previous A semester (A1/A2 terms), while some face-to-face classes may be offered (specifically for sports-related courses, part of the Japanese language courses and part of Specialized Seminars) for those who are in Japan during the semester.

The class schedules, timetable of courses may be changed throughout the year. For further instructions and updates including "Online Class URL" and "Classroom" (for face-to-face classes only), PLEASE FREQUENTLY INFORM YOURSELF ON ITC-LMS, and UTAS "Syllabus".

About how to take online courses, please see "Preparing for Online Classes" from here.

For April -entry student's courses, please refer to the Japanese website: http://www.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/zenki/news/kyoumu/all/2021/0310142001.html

Syllabus booklets and leaflets
PDF Syllabus and Timetables and leaflets, etc will be available at the PEAK/GPEAK Section Counter (Admin. Bldg 1F, Counter no.2) and on this webpage from around the last week of March.

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