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Last modified on July 22, 2013

Komaba Library

library01.jpgThe Komaba Library, being the closest and most relevant library for first-year students, acts as a Home Library providing a range of academic books and a pleasant learning environment. Should you have any questions about the materials you need or regarding the use of other libraries at the University, please ask a member of staff at the library counter. For more details on how to use the library, please refer to the library website.

Home Page

Opening Hours

Period Weekdays Weekends and national holidays
Term time 8:40-22:00 10:00-19:00
Same as weekdays during examination periods
Summer and fall vacations,
spring vacation examination periods for
specialized courses
Winter vacation 8:40-17:00
Spring vacations
(dates other than mentioned above)

For more details, please refer to Library Calendar 2011.

Closed Dates

The library is closed during entrance examination periods, the Komaba Festival, library maintenance days, power inspection days, and at the end/beginning of the year, There are also days when the library may be closed temporarily. These dates will be informed through the notice board and on the website, so please check them.

Entering the Library

A student ID card is required in order to enter the library. Please put your ID card near the reading part of the entrance gate. The same process is required to enter the General Library at the Hongo Campus. For first-year students in Junior Division, data registration for the library will be complete around mid-April. If there are any changes to your contact information such as home address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address, please inform the library as well. E-mail addresses can also be registered and updated on the website.

If you have been re-issued, lost or have had any changes to the validity period of your student ID card, please inform the librarian/library staff in the library counter promptly.

Library Materials

At the Komaba Library, you will be able to access around 600,000 library materials. The classmarks and locations of materials can be searched through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).
OPAC is an online database that can be used to find the location and details of around 8,900,000 library materials (books and magazines) held by the General Library at the University of Tokyo. Library materials can be searched via OPAC at the information searching area on the first floor, at the computers on each floor, and through the internet at any time, any place.

libruary.bmpURL: https://opac.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
URL for accessing from cell phones: http://libsv.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/iecats/

If you are able to find the material on OPAC, please note down the shelving location and the classmark. The materials that have shelving locations starting with 'Komaba Library' are the ones that are stored at the Komaba Library.

Using the Library

(For more information not found below, please see the website)

Reading Library Materials

Books and magazines can be read in the reading rooms freely.

Borrowing Books

To borrow library books, please bring the book to the library counter and show your student ID card. Books can also be borrowed by using the automatic borrowing service machine.

Maximum number of books that can be borrowed Total of 10 books
Time Period 2 weeks

(Reference books, books from the syllabus corner, newspapers, magazines, videotapes, DVDs, valuable books, books bound in Japanese style, and micro materials are only for use in the library)

Returning Books

During reception hours, please return the books to the counter. At other times, please return the books to the book post located to the right of the front gate of the library. If you fail to return books by the return deadline, you will not be able to borrow books for the number of delayed days. Books borrowed from libraries at other campuses can also be returned to the Komaba Library; however, those books cannot be returned via the book post. Similarly, books borrowed from the Komaba Library can be returned to the General Library and to the Kashiwa Library.

Important Notes

  1. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the library, except in the eating/drinking area in the lounge on the first floor. Please also do not put food and drink on the tables.
  2. Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the library. Also, please refrain from texting or using cell phones while walking as it may be dangerous.
  3. Please do not talk in the library. The open-plan layout of the library carries and echoes voices easily. Please be quiet in the library and co-operate towards maintaining a pleasant environment for studying.
  4. If you lose or damage library materials, the library may request you to pay replacement fees.
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