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Tuition Exemption



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Applications for Tuition Exemption

The following information applies for students in need of financial assistance.

1. Tuition Exemption

  1. If the total annual household income of a student is less than 2,180,000 yen (or an annual salaried income of less than 4,000,000 yen), and the student has an outstanding academic record, he/she may be considered for a full tuition exemption . (Only applies to undergraduate students and excludes study abroad students.)
  2. Even if a student does not meet the above conditions, he/she may still be considered for a full or half exemption of tuition if he/she has financial difficulties such as low income, and has an outstanding academic record.

2. Tuition Deferment (Extension/Installments)

If a student is unable to pay tuition by the payment deadline due to financial difficulties, and has an outstanding academic record, he/she may be considered for either an extension (up to September for the first semester, or up to March for the second semester) or for payment in equal monthly installments by direct debit.

In either case, the student must make an application. Applications are due in mid-February (tentative) for the first semester, and in mid-July (tentative) for the second semester. Announcements will be posted on the Student Support Division bulletin board. Please make sure to submit the application documents by the deadline.

Selection Process for Tuition Exemption from 2008icon_window.gif


Notices about Tuition Exemption/Deferment Applications
2018 First Half Tuition Exemption/Deferment Applications * Applications now closed.
2018 Second Half Tuition Exemption/Deferment Applications NEW

Results of Application for Tuition Exemption/Deferment
2018 First Half Results of Application for Tuition Exemption/ Deferment NEW
2017 Second Half Results of Application for Tuition Exemption/Deferment 

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