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Last modified on July 3, 2015


Important Annoucements July 3, 2015

BICYCLE: New Traffic Laws with Stricter Rule Enforcement  New

     With the rise in bicycle traffic violations and accidents, a revised traffic law came into effect on June 1, 2015. The enforcement of the rules has become far stricter than before, so please go over the changes carefully.

      Under the new law, any cyclist ticketed more than twice for offending any of the 14 rules noted below within a period of THREE YEARS will be required to take a SAFETY COURSE costing 5,700 yen. Anyone who fails to attend the course within three months of receiving the order will be subject to a fine amounting up to 50,000 yen.

      Be aware of the rules in Japan and be a safe and responsible cyclist.

<<14 Traffic Violations Subject to Ticketing>>

  1. Ignoring traffic lights
  2. Cycling where prohibited by sign
  3. Cycling on sidewalks with inappropriate speed without care for pedestrians *
  4. Cycling on non-designated parts of the road *
  5. Impeding pedestrians on the road's "pedestrian and bicycle lane"
  6. Passing under the barriers at level crossings/ railroad crossing
  7. Violating regulations at intersections *
  8. Impeding other vehicles at intersections *
  9. Violating regulations at roundabouts
  10. Not stopping at stop signs or when a vehicle is approaching
  11. Not cycling on the appropriate side of pavements/ sidewalks for pedestrians*
  12. Cycling on faulty bicycles such as one without properly working brakes or without brakes altogether
  13. Cycling while under the influence of alcohol or drugs *
  14. Violating obligations to safe cycling *


* Pavements/sidewalks are for pedestrians! Bicycles are regarded as vehicles! Check for signs designating if pavements/ sidewalks are for pedestrians only or if bicycles are also allowed.

* Cycle on the LEFT side of the road! Cycling on the right, into the flow of oncoming vehicles, is strictly prohibited.

* At intersections without traffic lights, do not obstruct a vehicle advancing from the LEFT or vehicles on roads with the right-of-way.

* When turning right at intersections, do not impede cars that are advancing or turning left. Vehicles going straight on or turning LEFT have priority over bicycles turning right.

* Roundabouts flow clock-wise, and vehicles at intersections have priority.

* Cycle on the side closest to the road when cycling on the pavements/sidewalks.

* Do not drink and drive!

* Riding a bicycle while holding an umbrella, wearing headphones, using mobile phones, riding a bicycle without bells or lights, cycling abreast or riding tandem are all subject to ticketing.

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