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Last modified on June 2, 2017


Important Annoucements June 2, 2017

ATTENTION: Suspicious Approach Reported (May 28th)  Important

  ATTENTION: Suspicious Approach Reported (May 28th) 
             Student Support Division,College of Arts and Sciences

 Suspicious approach reported as follows.
If you experience such a suspicious approach,please report it to following contacts immediately.

Date/Time: Sunday, May 28th, about 15:00
Place:  Terrace of ITALIAN TOMATO Cafe
Incident: A student was spoken to by a man claimed himself as a researcher of
the University of Tokyo( around 30 years old, wearing business suits, using iPad).
That man asked him/her to answer interviews for his research.
And he invited him/her to a self-development seminar.

◆Emergency Contacts◆
Student Support Division (Weekdays):03-5454-6074
Main Gate Gatehouse (Weekend/nighttime):03-5454-6666

◆Preventative Measures◆
・Do not casually give out your personal information (ex. LINE ID, e-mail address, phone number, etc.).
・Always check a person's status and the name of his/her organization.
(Ask to see his/her Student ID Card or other ID.)
* Remember that cult recruitment does not just happen in religious clubs!
・Do not casually go to club offices or facilities off-campus.
・If you think something is even a little bit strange, do not hesitate to talk to your friends or family about it.

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