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Others September 29, 2016

Notice of the Mandatory Evacuation Drill [Mon. 7th Nov.]  New

Notice of the Mandatory Evacuation Drill in Komaba I Campus

Monday, 7th November afternoon, the mandatory evacuation drill will be performed. The drill is for all students and staffs in the campus, on the assumption that an earthquake happened during the class.

  • 14:30-14:55 Initial Response & Evacuation Drill (for ALL STUDENTS/STAFFS)
    (Evacuation is only for the Bldg.No. 1 and Administration Office Bldg.)
  • 14:55-15:55 Fire Extinguishing Drill (for volunteers)

The EEW (Earthquake Early Warning) alarm will go off at 14:30. Please take an appropriate initial response. After the initial response drill, the classes will be restart.
Students and staffs in the Bldg. No. 1 and in the Administration Office Bldg. evacuate outside following directions of staffs.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Notice in Japanese

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