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Advice and Support for Students with Disabilities (Disability Services Office)

Section in Charge [Komaba] First floor, Building.8
[Hongo] Mall Floor , Student Support Center
Service Hours Weekdays 9:30 - 17:00 Phone Number [Komaba] 03-5465-8944
[Hongo] 03-5841-1715
URL http://ds.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ icon_window.gif Fax [Komaba] 03-5465-8952
[Hongo] 03-5841-1717

The Disability Services Office is a specialised unit based on the spirit of The Charter of the University of Tokyo to create an increasingly barrier-free campus.

Our office is located in Building 8 of the College of Arts and Sciences in the Komaba I campus, and in the Student Support Center in the Hongo Campus. We coordinate the support and services of individual departments and faculties, such that all students with disabilities can concentrate on their studies smoothly and comfortably.

To enable students with disabilities to pursue their studies without being held back by their disabilities, there must be appropriate measures in place in both physical and non-physical ways. For example, those with visual impairments may need teaching materials written in Braille or enlarged letters, a scribe and/or readers, guide help etc. Those with hearing impairments may need note takers by hand and by type, or sign language translators. Finally, those with physical impairments may need arrangements for helpers or efforts to make campus buildings accessible. The Disability Services Office provides know-how to each faculty and department in the University of Tokyo so that they can provide the most effective support that matches each student, as well as answer questions and give advice to both students and staff. Furthermore, The Disability Services Office are constantly recruiting support staff who can give help to students with disabilities, and also run training and induction courses for them.

In the Office, there are full-time staff members specialized in disability services. Any student with a disability, or any students interested in disability support and accessibility, can feel free to contact our office at any time.