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Advice on Selecting your Speciality (Academic Guidance Center)

Section in charge Academic Guidance Center Location Room 160, 2nd Floor, Building No.1
Service Hours Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00 Phone Number 03-5454-6187

URL: http://park.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/agc/ icon_window.gif

Center Director:Keiichiro Ogawa (College Dean)
Instructor: Fuminori Saito (Associate Professor)

04img.jpgAt the end of the third semester of the Junior Division, all students at the University of Tokyo will undergo the process of 'Admissions to the Senior Division', whereby their faculty and department for their Senior Division studies will be decided. The Academic Guidance Center was thus established in 1989 to facilitate student-staff communication and distribution of relevant information on the admissions process, so that students can make informed choices based on their interests and suitability. The Center is equipped with a reference room and a meeting room.

In the reference room, computers are available for students to search for the latest information on the admissions process, as well as course handbooks and class descriptions for each department.

In the meeting room, full-time staff members are on hand to give individualised advice on the admissions process. Whether you are wavering between different departments or having concerns about the next steps, our doors are always open to help all students find the best specialty for them.