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Information and Advice for Career Planning and Finding a Job (Career Support Office)

Department Career Support Office Location [Hongo Campus] First Floor, Yasuda Auditorium North Side
Opening Hours Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00 (Final check-in at 17:00) Phone Number 03-5841-2650
URL http://www.careersupport.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ icon_window.gif

The Career Support Office was established in April 2005 as a supplementary body to complement the career support provided by individual faculties and departments. It is located in first floor of the Yasuda Auditorium in the Hongo Campus.

The three main functions of the Career Support Office are as follows.

The first is to provide a place to network with alumni. We provide students with the opportunity to network with alumni working at the forefront of a variety of fields, so as to help them make an informed decision on their future career paths and consider the role they can play in society. (For example, we hold the networking event "The Creative Exchange of Knowledge Project" twice a year, as well as sector-specific workshops with alumni about five times a year.)

The second is to provide pragmatic support to students in their job search. We provide practical help such as planning and holding various careers-related events, and creating a directory of alumni to facilitate students to discover individual companies and businesses.

The third is to provide careers advice. A full-time career advisor is on hand to answer questions and give advice on future career plans, employment, and the interests and suitability of each student. The career advisor is available to Komaba students as well, with priority given to prior appointments.