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International Student Support Facilities

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PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office (Admissions Office: AO)

AOThe PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office (AO) was established in April 2010, in order to support the new program from autumn 2012 in which credits can be obtained in English. The AO is run by both administrators and faculty members, and although an organization of the University of Tokyo, its location in the Komaba campus allows close collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, which is in charge of the actual education.

The work of the AO is wide-ranging, but its main task is to promote the new program and conduct research in order to attract the top students worldwide, as well as design and implement the selection process. Specifically, the AO researches the education systems of different countries with co-operation from their embassies in Japan, and also introduces the University of Tokyo to educational specialists and high school students through visits abroad. In turn, by sharing the insights gained from these visits with the College of Arts and Sciences and the wider university, the AO strives to help create a university that is attractive to students from all around the world.

The selection process does not require a written entrance examination; instead, students are selected through a paper application and interview.

International students comprise just 1.7% of the undergraduate student body at the University of Tokyo, a tiny number when compared to other top universities overseas. For the university to produce truly global future leaders, t the need to build a 'global campus' is paramount - where top students from all across the world compete and learn from each other to develop linguistic ability and diverse international perspectives. The mission of the AO is to realise such perspectives.

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Komaba International Office (Komaba IO)

101-1.jpgIOThe Komaba International Office supports international and exchange students in their day-to-day life. The office is jointly coordinated by the International Student Section and International Center Komaba Office of the Academic Affairs Division; AIKOM (Abroad in Komaba Program) in Building 101; the International Students' Advisory Office; and the International Research and Cooperation Office. The Komaba IO gives assistance to students on various activities and official procedures at the university, as well as advises on matters relating to residence status and student and academic exchange agreements. Moreover, the Komaba IO can introduce tutors and provide lessons on Japanese conversation and writing, in order to help students improve their basic language skills and facilitate their study or research. Through such services, the IO aims to help international students and researchers to have a pleasant campus life.


Mitaka International Hall of Residence

Mitaka International Hall of ResidenceThe Mitaka International Hall of Residence is located in Shinkawa, Mitaka city, for Japanese students in the Komaba Campus and international students from across the university. As can be seen from the name, the ratio of Japanese students to international students is set at 7:3 in order to promote cultural exchange on a daily basis. Currently, the complex consists of six accommodation blocks and a multi-purpose hall. Each of the 605 single rooms are equipped with basic furniture, a mini-kitchen, toilet, shower, and air-conditioning, and provides an affordable and pleasant living space. Moreover, 25% of the residents are female and a female-only floor is a unique feature of the accommodation. There is also regular interaction between the students and the local community.


Komaba Faculty House (International Exchange Hall)

Komaba Faculty House (International Exchange Hall)The Komaba Faculty House was established in March 2004 as a social space for researchers at the Komaba campus, and was renovated from the former buildings of the Ichiko Alumni Association Hall near the Sakashita-mon Gate. The former Japanese-style building was replaced by a new building containing seminar rooms and short-term accommodation for foreign researchers, while the Western-style building was renovated into the restaurant 'Lever son Verre Komaba' and the faculty club 'Kanran'. Together with its tranquil setting and surrounding greenery, the Komaba Faculty House functions as an enriching and fulfilling facility.

The Faculty House is managed by the Komaba Faculty House Management Committee, as organised by the Graduate School.



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