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Last modified on September 1, 2014

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies provides an arena, open to those who seek to strive for, learn, and build, scholarship which examines a variety of cultural phenomena as human activities from regional and linguistic perspectives, as well as from a cross-cutting viewpoint transcending boundaries between different genres. The department is divided into three courses: Culture and Representation, Cultural Anthropology, and Comparative Literature and Culture. Each with its own unique history, the courses retain a relatively high degree of independence and also differ in their research style and approach, but they have a shared purpose of pioneering scholarship in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary fields.

Whilst paying due attention to existing academic frameworks relating to philosophy and thought, religion, history, literature, arts, and sociology, not losing our stance of pursuing a form of scholarship demanded in the present - it is a department where the loosely joined three courses compete on, and make the most of, their individualities.



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