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Last modified on November 20, 2015


November 20, 2015

Notice - Campus clean-up at Komaba

As in previous years, there will be a campus clean-up by staff and students to maintain the natural environment of Komaba Campus and keep the campus clean.
Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.
In particular, we look forward to seeing a large student participation.  


1. Date

Tuesday 8 December 2015 14:00-15:30
(Will be postponed to Wednesday 9 December in case of rain)

2. Areas to be cleaned

• Teaching staff and classroom staff – areas surrounding the building where your office/laboratory is located.
• Other staff – areas around the building where you work, or other designated areas.
• Students belonging to cultural club activities – areas around Campus Plaza, Student Centre and buildings used for club activities.
• Students belonging to sports club activities – areas around gyms and sports fields.
• Ordinary students – lecture buildings and areas around lecture buildings
• Staff members of COOP –areas around COOP buildings

3. Waste collection points

• Ordinary waste such as plastic waste, paper waste, empty cans and bottles. Please make sure to sort them into five categories: combustible waste, non-combustible waste, plastic bottles, drink cans and glass bottles.
Collection point A: the nearest waste collection point (cf. attachment 1)
• Desks, shelves, laboratory benches, fridges etc.
Collection point B: 3 places – the east side of Komaba Library stack room, Building 1 courtyard, and the west side of Building 18(open space in front of Advanced Research Laboratory). (cf. attachment 2)
• Fallen Leaves
Collection point C: indicated separately, 11 locations total (please gather leaves in garbage bags before placing at collection point). (cf. attachment 2)

Please do not leave dangerous items.
If throwing away computers etc., please make sure to delete all important data (such as your personal data) from both hard disk and memory, and leave them all in a non-reusable state in Building 1 courtyard.
As a general rule, please only throw away items on the day, but waste can be left at the east side of Komaba Library stack room, Building 1 courtyard, and the west side of Building 18
(open space in front of Advanced Research Laboratory) from the day before.

4. Cleaning methods

Please pick up any plastic and paper waste, cardboard waste, empty drink cans and bottles, packaging material (styrene foam), scrap metal etc. found outside within your designated areas, and put them into waste bags (sorted into 5 categories). Items which are too big for a waste bag should be taken to waste collection point B (please see above).

5. Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment (waste bags, gloves etc.) should be collected on the day from the equipment staff of the finance division by the administrative staff of individual divisions and departments.

6. Other

Bicycles left without permission on campus will be removed by administrative staff on the day.  
Furthermore, due to there being a number of abandoned bicycles amongst those which have been issued faculty parking permission, on this occasion, a warning sticker will be posted on all bicycles displaying the faculty parking permission sticker. With respect to those bicycles still in use, please remove the warning sticker after the campus clean-up.

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