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Last modified on September 11, 2014


Notice September 10, 2014

Attention: Dengue Fever

There have been numerous reports that people visiting Yoyogi Park during mid-August have been infected with Dengue fever. Dengue fever does not spread through human contact. The disease is spread through mosquito bites if the mosquito is the carrier of the virus.

When you are outside (especially near Yoyogi Park), please make sure you take precautions and be aware of the following in order to reduce the chances mosquito bites:

●Avoid skin exposure.
●Avoid black or dark-colored clothes. (Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors.)
●Use insect repellant. (Repellants are also effective when used on clothing.)

If you have a fever after being bitten by a mosquito, please consult your doctor.

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