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Classroom Changes

★IMPORTANT★For information on classroom changes due to timetable changes or instructor changes, please refer to the list of timetable changes. If the changed classroom is listed as "College/Faculty of Arts and Sciences," please obtain the information of the room notified on the bulletin board at the PEAK/GPEAK section.

List of Classroom Changes (2019 A Semester) Last Updated: Dec 12

Date Period Course Code Course Instructor Changed from: Changed to: Notified from the instructor
Only on Tuesday, January 21 2&3 60248 Specialized Seminar (PEAK)
(On Friday, Jan 17 periods 1&2, Monday, Jan 20 periods 2&3, RM118 will be used as usual.)
CAPEL Mathieu 118 120 2019/12/12
From Thursday, November 7 on 4 50182 Economics and Statistics (PEAK) Griffen Andrew Shields K302 K211 Update: 2019/11/08
From Wednesday, October 2 2 50565 Life Science (PEAK) SHEFFERSON Richard,
1105 8-210 2019/09/27
On Thursday, December 5 2 50784 Applied Japanese (9) (PEAK) MATSUMOTO Junko 517 K213 2019/10/11
From Friday, October 4 to Friday, November 8 3 51035 Information (PEAK) Witkowski Olaf E39 E41 2019/10/02
From Friday, November 29 on E41 E21
From Friday, October 4 on 4 51073 Applied Japanese (3) (PEAK) KATAYAMA Tomoko 164 159 2019/10/04
From Monday, October 21 on 1 51104 Specialized Seminar (PEAK) DALZIEL Gregory Rogers 10-103 10-206 2019/10/07

List of Classroom Changes (April-entry student's courses) (Japanese website)

※Some classroom changes might be decided on the day and not be indicated in the above list. Please check the schedule section on UTAS and/or the bulletin board at PEAK/GPEAK section as well.