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Last modified on August 6, 2020


06.08.2020 All Students
Re-entry of foreign nationals who possess the status of residence
03.08.2020 All Students
About Courses in the A Semester (A1/A2 Terms) Important
31.07.2020 All Students
Make-up Exam registration for S Semester 2020 Important
31.07.2020 All Students
[From Student Support Section] Notification on Selection Results for Tuition Fee Exemption/Deferment for the First Half, AY 2020
31.07.2020 All Students
Change of Office Hours During the Summer Vacation (2020 Aug.-Sep.)
31.07.2020 All Students
Viewing your grades and Admission to Senior Division screen on UTAS
27.07.2020 Year 2
Make-up Exam for the 2020 S Semester Criteria A (For Second- Year Students) Important
27.07.2020 All Students
Confirm your UTokyo account before leaving Japan Important
20.07.2020 All Students
To students who have been affected by the heavy rains of July 2020
16.07.2020 All Students
[Update on Jul 13] Exam-Period Exam Schedule and Evaluation Method for S Semester・S2 Term 2020 Important
16.07.2020 All Students
[About the exam] When the message "Authorization is required" appears on Google Forms Important
14.07.2020 All Students
[From Komaba Library]【Important:13 July updated】Changing of Services Regarding the Komaba Library Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease
14.07.2020 All Students
[From Globalization Office]Study Abroad Advising Session in summer (Online)
14.07.2020 Year 2
Thu, Sep 24: PEAK Senior Division Guidance Important
13.07.2020 All Students
MEXT Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies ※Now accepting second round of applications※
09.07.2020 All Students
Important Notice Regarding Academic Misconduct Important
08.07.2020 All Students
For students who are from the area which was suffered from the severe rain (8 July updated)
07.07.2020 All Students
Guidelines for online exams, quizzes and essays-2020 S Semester (updated on Jul 13) Important
07.07.2020 All Students
[From Globalization Office: July 21]TOEFL Information Session(Online)
06.07.2020 All Students
[From Student Support Division]Pick up what you left in the Temporary Gym
03.07.2020 Year 1
Notification of 1S1 Term Grade Report Important
01.07.2020 All Students
【From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch】Online Event "Star Festival & Bon Dance"(July 7, 19:00~)
26.06.2020 All Students
Service Counters Resume from June 29, 2020 (Office Hours Will Be Shortened)
25.06.2020 All Students
To Students from the areas affected by the earthquake happened in Chiba Prefecture on June 25 Important
24.06.2020 All Students
View Your Grades for 2019 A Semester Make-up Exam
24.06.2020 Year 2
Notification of 2S1 Term Grade Report Important
18.06.2020 All Students
(Message from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences) On final exams Important
17.06.2020 All Students
【Important:16 June updated】Changing of Services Regarding the Komaba Library Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease
16.06.2020 All Students
[From Globalization Office] Lecture event by Delegation of the EU to Japan
15.06.2020 Year 2
(for Year 2 students) Registration of Preferences for Senior Division(updated on Jun 15) Important
08.06.2020 All Students
[From International Student Support Room] Dear International students and researchers
08.06.2020 All Students
[From Globalization Office] IELTS Information Session
05.06.2020 All Students
List of Supplementary Classes is updated.
05.06.2020 All Students
PEAK Junior Division Submission Schedule Updated Important
04.06.2020 All Students
Financial Support for Students Affected by the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus: Application for "Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies"
04.06.2020 All Students
[From General Affairs Division] Notice - Postponement of campus clean-up at Komaba
03.06.2020 All Students
Update your Zoom app
03.06.2020 All Students
MEXT Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies New
29.05.2020 All Students
Grade reports cannot be accessible from June 9
28.05.2020 All Students
[for S2 Term courses]Review/correction period / Submission period of Registration Approval Card Important
27.05.2020 Year 1
About Information Sessions for 6th Recruitment of GLP-GEfIL students
27.05.2020 All Students
Review Your University Registry Information through UTAS Important
25.05.2020 All Students
S1 Term Exam-period Exams (April-entry students' courses)
20.05.2020 All Students
The UTokyo Emergency Assistance Grant Important
20.05.2020 All Students
Tuition fee exemption for international students who are suddenly facing financial difficulties due to the spread of COVID-19 Important
15.05.2020 All Students
Exam-period Exam Schedule for S Semester (S1 and S2 Term) 2020 Important
15.05.2020 All Students
【GO Advisors】Study Abroad Advising ONLINE!
13.05.2020 All Students
[Komaba Library] Ebook textbooks list for the S Semester Term AY 2020
13.05.2020 All Students
Fri, May 15: afternoon classes cancelled Important
12.05.2020 All Students
(Update) Notes on Make-up Exam for A Semester 2019 Important

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