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UTAS User Manual for Students

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(To Instructors and Administrative Staffs) 
From May 25, 2016,
log in account have changed to UTokyo Account.
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Important notices
On the arrangement of classes in S Semester/Terms

Continuation of restrictions on activities under Stage Orange (Update: June 26, 2020)NEW
Restrictions and rules to enter the Komaba campus after June 29 (Update: June 26, 2020)NEW
Service counters resume from June 29 (Office hours change) (Update: June 26, 2020)NEW
Message from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: On final exams (Update: June 18, 2020)NEW
Notification Regarding Overseas Travel and Entry to Japan During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic (Update: June 18, 2020)NEW
Restrictions and rules at the Komaba Campus during Stage Orange (after June 15) (Update: June 12, 2020)
The transition to Stage Orange and the plan to resume activities on campus (Update: June 12, 2020)
The Status of the Komaba Campus (Stage Red A from June 1) and Policies for Resuming Campus Activities (Update: June 1, 2020)
Stage Red A from June 1, the Status of the Komaba Campus: Campus Entering(Update: June 9, 2020)
Stage for activity restrictions on Komaba campus in response to lifting the state of emergency (update: May 26, 2020)
The "Stage Red B" restrictions on campus activities are continued. (update: May 7, 2020)
Notice of downsizing Administration Office operations(update: Apr 8, 2020) 
Counter Closed due to COVID 19 (April 8, 2020 - ) (update: Apr 7, 2020)
Notification Regarding Overseas Travel
(update: Apr 2, 2020)
Notice to students, faculty and staff entered Japan from another country (update: Mar 20, 2020)

Academic Handbook etc.
About Syllabus and Class Schedules for S Semester/S1 Term AY 2020 (update:April 8, 2020)
Introduction of Basic Point Average (update: June 15, 2018)
Changes in the Academic Handbook (update: July 9, 2019)
AY 2020 Academic Calendar Updated (update: Nov 1, 2019)
New Safety Confirmation System (update: March 8, 2019)
・Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of 2020 (update: Feb.18, 2020)