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Last modified on May 25, 2018

Junior Division (Years 1&2)


UTAS User Manual for Students

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(To Instructors and Administrative Staffs) 
From May 25, 2016,
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・Changes in the Academic Handbook from April 2018 (update: Apr 4, 2018)icon_pdf.gif
・Changes to the Contents in PEAK Academic Handbook (Regular Exam Time/ Integrated Courses (PEAK/April-entry courses)/ Grade Evaluation) (update: Jan 11, 2017)

AY 2018 Academic Calendar and Submission Schedules Updated
Safety Confirmation System   
Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of AY2018


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25.05.2018 All Students
List of Supplementary Classes is updated.
22.05.2018 All Students
Exam-Period Exam Schedule and Evaluation Method for S Semester (S1/S2 Term) 2018
18.05.2018 All Students
Study Room Open during the S1 Term Exam Period
16.05.2018 All Students
List of Classroom Changes is updated.
15.05.2018 All Students
View Your Grades for 2017 A Semester Make-up Exam
10.05.2018 All Students
Exam-period Exam Schedule for S Semester (S1 and S2 Term) 2018
02.05.2018 All Students
Lists of Class Cancellations and Supplementary Classes are updated.
26.04.2018 All Students
(Repost) Course Registration Using "Registration Approval Card"
24.04.2018 All Students
Viewing Your Grade Reports
23.04.2018 All Students
List of Class Cancellations is updated.