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Procedures for Overseas Travel

Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who are intending to travel outside of Japan (including personal travels such as returning to your home country) are requested to notify the University and submit "Notification of Overseas Travel".
Please complete the procedure on the form at least one month before the date of travel. (As of January 4th, 2023, it is no longer necessary to submit "Overseas Travel Safety and Infection Control Assessment Form".)

Submission: Notification of Overseas Travel submission form
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OSSMA:Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance

In addition to the Notification of Overseas Travel, the College of Arts and Sciences also requires students who are traveling abroad with programs listed in (1) to sign up for OSSMA.

OSSMA procedures at the College/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
(1) Students in the Junior Division are required to sign up for OSSMA when they travel overseas with the following programs:
・Study Abroad Programs...Programs applied through UTokyo such as University-wide Student Exchange Program, Department-wide Student Exchange Program, AIKOM, GLP, Summer Programs
・Classes...Global Praxis or other activities during which an academic staff member is not present for the entire length of the program
・Hands-on Activities ...FLY Program, Hands-on Activities Programs

(2) Students who travel overseas with the following programs may sign up for OSSMA if they wish:
・Students in the Junior Division who are participating in classes in which an academic staff member will be present during the whole program period
・Students in the Senior Division or Graduate School who are participating in study abroad programs, classes, international activity programs, research and survey activities, conferences, internships, volunteer activities, and other overseas programs/activities.
※However, please follow instructions by the office of your participating program as some programs require to sign up for it.


※Overseas Travel for which students in the Junior Division are required to sign up for OSSMA includes travel with scholarships applied through UTokyo.

※ The cost of OSSMA is determined by the length of each student's coverage. Details are shown on the website listed below. Payment must be made by students who apply for this service.

※ The OSSMA service is a support service which manages the safety of students traveling overseas, and is not an insurance program. The service requires advance payment of membership fees, but travel insurance must also be purchased separately.

More Detailed Information concerning OSSMA

Please see the following website for more detailed information including how to apply for OSSMA and other information concerning the service.

・(Japanese) http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/res03/ossma.html

・(English) http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/current-students/ossma.html


For general questions about OSSMA
International Support Group
E-mail: rsupport.adm[at mark]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp
*Please change [at mark] to @.

For questions about the handling of OSSMA in the College/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
International Student Section, Academic Affairs Division
(Administration Building ground floor)
E-mail: ryugakusei-g.c[at mark]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp
*Please change [at mark] to @.

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