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Supplementary Classes

List of Supplementary Classes (PEAK, 2024S Semester) Last updated: May 21

Date Period Course Code Course Instructor Classroom
5/24/(Fri) 1 30307 Intensive Japanese III (PEAK)G3 MATSUMOTO Junko Room 10-101
5/24/(Fri) 2 31124 Psychology (PEAK) WATANABE Arii

Room 101

5/24/(Fri) 2 31261 Sociology and Social Thought (PEAK) TAKITA Sachiko

Room K302

7/16/(Tue) 2 40021 Applied Japanese (4) (PEAK) KAKIYAMA Remi Room 10-102
7/16/(Tue) 4 30228 Introduction to Ecology (PEAK) SHEFFERSON Richard Room 518
7/17/(Wed) 4 30671 Applied Japanese (6) (PEAK) KUBOTA Ai Room 10-308
7/17/(Wed) 5 30265 International and Area Studies II (PEAK) Sone Yasuo Room K114

*Supplementary classes will NOT be posted on this website if they are not offered on the dates prescribed in the academic calendar; and in any case that a request is made on on the same day.
Or information given in classes might not be shown on this page. Make sure you find out from the instructor for such cases.

Course & Class Information for April-entry student's courses is available on the Japanese website.

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