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Request for Certificates of Junior Division (1st & 2nd year students)

Applicable certificatesIssuing certificatesDays needed for issuing
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[Important Notice ]
Certificates cannot be sent to anyone or any institutions other than the student/graduate him/herself by postal mail
. Thank you for your understanding.

Applicable certificates

Type of Certificate Current students
(Years 1&2)
Current students
(Other than Years 1&2)
Transcript of Academic Records
Certificate of Enrollment (April-entry students)
Certificate of Enrollment (PEAK students)
Certificate of Completion* ×
Other Certificates
Request Forms, etc.

*Certificate of Completion is a certification for completing the Junior Division Program.

◎: Can be issued through automatic certificate-issuing machine

〇Need to submit application form to the Academic Affairs Division

×: Not available

Certificate of Completion indicates having completed the Junior Division (Years 1&2).

※Please confirm the section of
Days needed for issuing in advance.

※For the certificates of Senior Division (Years 3&4), please contact the faculty you have
matriculated to.

Issuing certificates

For Current Students (PEAK Students)

Enrolled students are requested to use the automatic certificate-issuing machines for Japanese/English certificates in the Administration Building.
For certificates that cannot be issued through the certificate-issuing machine, please apply at the PEAK/GPEAK Section (counter no.2), (Administration Bldg. 1F)

In person at the PEAK/GPEAK Section counter (PEAK students)

Visit counter no.2, Administration Building 1F, Komaba campus (Campus Map, Floor Map).

1.Some identification must be presented (e.g. student ID card, driver's license, passport or health insurance certificate card, etc) to apply for and receive certificates. If a proxy comes to apply or receive certificates in place of you, the Proxy Form must be filled out by the applicant.

2.Bring or fill out the application form at the counter and submit it.
If a proxy applies in place of you, proxy's identification must be presented.

*If you would like to receive your certificate by post, bring stamps to mail the certificate to you. Refer to the rough standard of the postage rates below and bring the exact fee of stamp.

By post:

(If you would like to receive certificates by post (only for the domestic mail service), please consult the PEAK/GPEAK Section after checking the application process below:
Please enclose the following 3 documents and send them to the Academic Affairs Division Office addressed below.
*We do not accept application by phone, or fax.
*In principle, the student or former student himself/herself needs to apply for the certificate.

Due to special reasons, when a proxy (family, etc) applies or receives the certificate, the proxy must enclose the Proxy Form with your siginature or personal seal, and a copy of the proxy's identification document.

(1) Application form for certificates (be sure to properly fill out the form) or paper (any size is OK) with necessary information written on.
*If you cannot download the application form (PDF file), please write down the following information on a paper.

1 Name [with Furigana/Alphabet (if you need English certificates)]
2 Date of Birth
3 Present Address & Telephone No.
4 Daytime contact information
(business telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, etc.) *We might contact you if we have questions regarding your application form.
5 Stream in Years 1&2
Year/month of enrollment
Year/month of completion of the Junior Division
6 Name of the faculty/department matriculated (Years 3&4)
Year/month of matriculation
Year/month of graduation
7 Types of certificate (Japanese or/and English)
8 Number of certificate (write the number for each certificate)
9 Purpose (write for all certificates)
10 Where to submit the certificates (write for all certificates)
11 Have you issued Academic Records in the past? (YES/NO)
12 Number of sealed envelopes needed
(Japanese envelope/English envelope/unnecessary)

(2) Self-addressed stamped envelope
1 Nagagata No. 3 (120 × 235 ) envelopes are preferred. (if you are in Japan)
*If you apply for many certificates, please use kakugata No. 2 (240 × 332 mm) envelope.
2 Please write down the recipient's postal code, address and name.
*Receiver is limited to the applicant.
3 Please put an exact amount of stamp needed to send it back to you.

*Rrough standard of the postage rates (Domestic mail)

Number of certificates Postage Envelope size (type)
1 ~ 4 84 yen 120mm×235 mm
Nagagata 3-gou envelope (長形3号)
5 ~ 9 94 yen 120mm×235 mm
Nagagata 3-gou envelope (長形3号)
7 ~ 16 140 yen 240mm×332mm
Kakugata 2-gou envelope (角型2号)

*If you need your certificates urgently, please put a stamp for express post. (Refer to the Japan Post webpage .
*For applicants abroad:
If you cannot obtain Japanese stamps, you may buy international reply coupon(s) at a post office and send it/them to us with a self-addressed envelope. (One international reply coupon is equivalent to 130 yen.)
For more detailed information on the postal rates and others, visit the Japan Post webpage (in English)..
*Please be sure to apply well in advance, as we will issue your certificate only after we receive your application form.

(3) Copy of your identification document
Attach a copy of your identification document (Student ID card, driver's license, passport, health insurance certificate card, etc)

Send to the address below.
Please write in red "Application Form for certificates included" on the front side of the envelope.

PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Division,
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Postal code: 153-8902
Administration Building 1F
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Days needed for issuing

Transcript of Academic Records (Japanese/English)Other certificates
(Request Forms*1, Completion, etc.)
4 business days *2
One week or more *2

*1 Request Forms to be varified will take time to be issued. Apply well in advance. Also, if you have any questions concerning certificates, please inquire us in advance.
*2 Service counters may not be open during New Year holidays, summer holidays and Entrance examination periods. Please contact in advance.
If you apply by post, please be aware of the postal circumstances.

Contact information

(PEAK/GPEAK Section)
Service counter No.2, Administration Building 1F
Komaba Campus, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Service counter opening hours: Mon - Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
(except new year holidays, summer holidays, university examination. Please check for the opening hours before contacting us)
Tel: 03-5465-8237 (in Japanese/English)
E-mail: peak.admin.c@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Issuing electronic certificates (Update: February 1, 2024)

The electronic certificate issuance is being operated on a trial basis. The new system is not available to all departments/divisions as it is a provisional service and is subject to change in the future.
The PDF document will be digitally signed and therefore contains special characteristics. A paper printout of this PDF document is not valid as an original certificate. Only those who are currently required to submit certificates in electronic format may apply for the issuance of electronic certificates. Please enquire at the counter for details.

Q & A

Can you issue Transcript of Academic Records of other faculty with my Junior Division transcript??
Sorry, Junior Division Section or PEAK Section (Years 1&2) can only provide certificate concerning Years 1&2. You have to apply for certificates of Years 3&4 to the faculty you have advanced and graduated from. (Refer to the list of administration offices)
I need to submit my Transcript of Academic Records to acquire some qualification. Do I need the Transcript of Years 1&2?
Please check with the institution if you have to submit your academic records of Years 1&2.
Can you send the certificates directly to the institution from the university?
Junior Division Section and PEAK/GPEAK Section do not send certificates directly to any institutions.
My name has changed. Will you re-issue my certificate with my new name on?
Sorry, we can not change your name on the certificate.
All certificates of Years 1&2 refer to your name whilst enrollment in the Junior Division. Therefore, if you changed your name after completing the Junior Division, please submit the certificate with your former name together with other documents showing your name change (copy of family register, explanation of your maiden name, etc.) to the institution.
Can a proxy (family, etc) apply for my certificate?
Yes, a proxy can apply for and receive your certificate in place of you.
However, a proxy must present the proxy form with your signature or personal seal on.
If proxy comes to the service counter, he/she must present his/her identification document (Student ID Card, driver's license, passport, health insurance card, etc).
If a proxy apply by post, certificate application form, proxy form, and proxy's identification document must be enclosed.
What is the official name of the college?
The official name is "College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo."
Could you explain the grading system?
Sorry, we do not provide extra explanation to the academic record. Also, there are no documents to explain the grading system.
Will the certificate show GPA or grade ranking in class?
College of Arts and Sciences do not use GPA and grade ranking in class.
When picking up my certificates, is there anything I have to prepare other than my identification documents?
Only your identification document is needed.
However, if a proxy comes to receive certificates in place of you, the proxy's identification document must be presented and completed Proxy Form (with your signature or personal seal on) must be submitted.
How much does it cost for issuing certificates?
Free. No fee is needed.
Do I have to prepare envelopes to be sealed?
No need to prepare any envelopes. We have official envelopes with university name and address to enclose certificates.

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