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Last modified on February 29, 2024


Classes February 29, 2024

Registration for courses offered by United Nations University (2024 S Semester) [Deadline: March, 13 (Wed)]

United Nations University (hereinafter UNU) offers the following courses to MA and Ph.D. students of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2024 S Semester.

Deadline March, 13 (Wed) Strictly observed

Required documents Resistration Form(UNU Form)icon_word.gif and Notification of Course Registration(UTokyo form)icon_excel.gif

※E-mail submission to the PEAK/GPEAK Section is acceptable as follows:

Contact: gpeak.admin.c(at)gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Title: [UNU Course Registration 2024 S semester] Your name (Student ID Number)
Body of Email: The following information should be included:
Your name, student ID number, program (GSP or GPES), department
Course information (course name, code, offer period (Ex. Mon. 1), and the course instructor's name

-Course Registration Form (UNU Form) with your handwritten signature. [must be PDF]
-Provide us with the approval e-mails from the Head of Program and your supervisor instead of obtaining their seals or signatures on the form. You do not have to obtain approval from the Head of Department this time.

【Note】The approval email must fully show the email address of the student and the proffesor.

UNU-IAS Academic Year 2023-24 Spring Course Listicon_pdf.gif

◆Course Syllabus

  1. Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems and Analysis: Theory and Applicationicon_pdf.gif
  2. Environmental Statistics and Research Methodsicon_pdf.gif
  3. Studies of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapesicon_pdf.gif
  4. The Law and Practice of the United Nationsicon_pdf.gif
  5. Climate Justice, Mobile Populations and the Right to Educationicon_pdf.gif
  6. From SDGs to Climate Change: Integrating SDGs into climate change actionsicon_pdf.gif
  7. Understanding Transparency & GHG MRV towards Enhanced Climate Actionicon_pdf.gif

AY2023-24: Spring Class Scheduleicon_pdf.gif


(1) Students who wish to take the UNU course(s) must submit the designated forms above to the PEAK/GPEAK Section by the deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Please make sure to obtain approvals from your academic advisor and the head of program.

(2)The UNU courses are basically conducted face-to-face.

(3) The cancellation period for the registered classes is during the first week of the courses and no exceptions can be made. If you wish to cancel the classes, please make sure to contact us within one week after the classes start. In principle, however, cancellations cannot be accepted after completing the course registration, so please make a plan for your course registration carefully when you apply.

(4) Credits to be given after completing the courses will be counted as credits from other than your program or department.

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