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Doctoral Dissertation (katei hakase)

Before submitting the doctoral dissertation, please read the "Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines" and "The Dissertation Handbook for Ph.D. Candidates" thoroughly and consult with your academic advisor.

Deadlines are firm and extensions are not permitted. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted except in special circumstances. For details, please see the "Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines."

Documents to be Submitted

GPEAK students:

[Items to be Submitted After Degree Conferral]

Other students: Click here to the Japanese website.

Separate Documents

* "Writing Honest Papers: The Ethics of Academic Research" is available at Graduate School Section and PEAK/GPEAK Section.

01_Guide for Doctorate Theses and Copyrightsicon_pdf.gif
(This guide is regularly updated at: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/55511)
02_Items to be Submitted After Degree Conferral (posted on Dec. 28, 2015)icon_pdf.gif
03_What is "UTokyo Repository"?icon_pdf.gif
04_Requirements for Permission of Utilizing Papers Presented to the University of Tokyo Academic Institutional Repository (UTokyo Repository)icon_pdf.gif
05_Guide for Creating PDF Files to Register with UTokyo Repositoryicon_pdf.gif
06_Sample of First Page of PDF File of the Doctoral Dissertation (posted on Dec. 28, 2015)icon_pdf.gif
07_Guidelines for When You Are Not Able to Publish the Full Version of Your Doctoral Dissertation (posted on Dec. 28, 2015)icon_pdf.gif
08_Code of Conduct for Research (April, 2015)icon_pdf.gif

09_Regarding the Publication of Doctoral Dissertation Data on ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (posted on Apr.3, 2024)