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Last modified on May 29, 2024


29.05.2024 Others
[From Center for Global Education] Upcoming International Exchange Events
27.05.2024 Others
[From Globalization Office] GS/GSA Lunchtime Gatherings in June on June 4 (Tue) & 18 (Tue) 12:20-12:50
20.05.2024 Others
Notice - Tuesday June 11 Campus Clean-up at Komaba (June 12 in case of rain)
17.05.2024 GPEAK
[GSP] Schedule of Master's Oral Defense
17.05.2024 Others
[From International Student Support Room ] Global Career seminar "Get to know "teamLab"
03.05.2024 Others
(Repost) 【Participation】Request Regarding the Information Security Education for All Users of the University's Information System Important
26.04.2024 Others
【From GlobE Komaba】 "Dodgebee Games & Party" - International Exchange×Sports Event(Friday, May 24)
25.04.2024 Others
Office Hours(2024 April-July)
22.04.2024 Others
【From Globalization Office】GS/GSA Gathering "Letting Sakura Go" on April 25 (Thu) 19:00-20:30
19.04.2024 Employment
[From Center for Global Education] Short-Term Summer Study Abroad Programs
18.04.2024 Others
[Student Support Division] Confirmation of the situation for students regarding the earthquake centered in the Bungo Channel
09.04.2024 Others
【From Globalization Office】TOEFL Information Session
08.04.2024 Others
【From EAA】EAA YOUTH(East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts ) Call for Applications (AY2024)
05.04.2024 Others
【From Graduate School of Public Policy】Japan Fair Trade Commission Economic Analysis Career Seminar (Monday, 4/15, 18:45-20:00)
05.04.2024 Others
【From Graduate School of Public Policy】Financial Services Agency Career Seminar (Economic Analysis) (Thursday, April 11, 18:45-20:15)
01.04.2024 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit Important
29.03.2024 GPEAK
Academic Handbook S Semester 2024 is updated.
29.03.2024 Classes
S Semester (S1/S2) AY2024 Course Registration
27.03.2024 Others
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD・DC・RPD) (Only in Japanese)
22.03.2024 Others
Students Health Check-ups for FY2024 (Notice)
22.03.2024 Others
【Participation】Request Regarding the Information Security Education for All Users of the University's Information System Important
15.03.2024 Others
Data Backup upon Leaving the University of Tokyo
15.03.2024 Classes
GSP Course Syllabus (subject to change)
15.03.2024 Classes
Course Listing is updated
13.03.2024 Others
【From SPRING GX office, Deadline: 3/25(Mon) 3:00 pm】SPRING GX additional call for applicants (Spring 2024)
07.03.2024 GPEAK
GPES Doctoral Degree Recipients (2023A)
07.03.2024 GPEAK
GPES Master's Degree Recipients (2023A)
07.03.2024 GPEAK
GSP Master's Degree Recipients (2023A)
07.03.2024 Others
Office Hours (2024 March~April)
29.02.2024 Classes
Grade Confirmation Request 2023 A Semester
29.02.2024 Classes
Registration for courses offered by United Nations University (2024 S Semester) [Deadline: March, 13 (Wed)]
07.02.2024 Scholarship
《International Student Section》 Application for Scholarships Registration (S Semester 2024) Deadline: April 9 (Tue.)2024, 16:00
01.02.2024 Others
Online Lecture in English 「 How do second language learners acquire grammar? 」 on February 16 (Fri) 13:00-14:15
31.01.2024 GPEAK
Submission Period for Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period and Request for Withdrawal
31.01.2024 GPEAK
Submission Period for Request for Leave of Absence and Request for Resumption of Studies
29.01.2024 Others
《Student Support Division》To students from areas devastated by heavy snow since January 23
25.01.2024 Employment
【From Center for Global Education (Komaba Branch)】2024S Recruitment of "Campus tour guides" (Wednesday, April 3)
25.01.2024 Others
【From Center for Global Education (Komaba Branch)】Try Chinese exercise! "QIGONG & TAICHI Workshop"(Thursday, February 8)
23.01.2024 Classes
Academic Calendar of 2024-2025 (Class Schedule)
22.01.2024 Employment
Recruitment for New GO Tutors (April 2024-)
19.01.2024 Others
【2/27】SDGs symposium 2024 - Planetary health for Sustainability: Towards transformative solutions for a Healthy Planet(From Institute for Future Initiatives)
18.01.2024 GPEAK
[GSP] Schedule of Master's Oral Defense
18.01.2024 GPEAK
[GPES] Schedule of Master's Oral Defense
18.01.2024 Others
Diploma Presentation Ceremony (AY2023)
18.01.2024 Others
(Repost) Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
17.01.2024 Others
Shabera-Night: Talk with former study abroad students
16.01.2024 Others
Japan and the Pacific Ocean」Students' Presentations in English on January 19 (Fri) 15:20 - 18:00
16.01.2024 Others
Application Procedure Exemptions/Deferred Payment of Tuition Fee for the First Half of AY2024
11.01.2024 Others
Notice about the result of Admission/Tuition Fee Exemption for the Second Half of AY2023
05.01.2024 Others
Office Hours (2024 January~February)

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