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Last modified on June 25, 2014

Changing your name

When your name has been legally changed while your enrollment, please submit an official documentation of your former and new full name (for example, a photocopy of your driver’s license) along with the Notification of Change in Name icon_pdf.gif  to the section in charge.
As a general rule we do not accept a request for name changes after you have finished the degree or withdrawn from school.

Even if you plan to continue using your former name in the university, it is requested that you submit the Notification of Change in Name. In this case, please make a note indicating that you wish to continue using your former name in the university. Also confirm the current mailing address or name on the UT-mate is accurate, so that a mail from the University reaches you correctly.

The reissuance of the Student ID card due to the name change will take about two weeks.