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Procedures on Internship (GSP) / Off-campus Academic Activity (GPES)

Procedures on Internship (GSP Students Only)

 1. Before the Internship

Those wishing to do an internship must submit an official material that shows the contents of internship and a prescribed form of  “Internship Proposal” with your academic advisor's seal to GPEAK Section one month before starting the internship. The proposal must be approved by the program director before you start the internship.

 2. After the Internship

Those who have finished the internship must submit the certificate of completion issued by the organization or company you have worked for and a prescribed form of  “Internship Report” with your academic advisor's seal to GPEAK Section within one month after completing the internship.

 *If you do an internship without the procedures above, the internship does not count toward credits for graduation.


Procedures on Off-campus Academic Activity (GPES Students Only)

Any student who wishes to have their activity accredited must follow the following procedure.

1. The student must prepare a “Proposal for Off-campus Academic Activity” (two pages) using the designated form, and submit it with the supervisor’s permission to the program director.

2. Based on the submitted proposal, the program director in consultation with the supervisor will judge the proposed activity based on relevance and effectiveness, and notify the student of the decision.

3. The student must implement the activity in accordance with the proposal.

4. Once the activity is completed, the student must prepare an “off-campus academic activity report” (in free format) and submit it to the supervisor and the program director within one month.

5. Based on the submitted report, the supervisor and the program director will decide on the accreditation as well as the grade.

 Accreditation of off-campus academic activity