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Extension of Enrollment Period

Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period must be submitted once a year in July for October (September)-entry students or in February for April-entry students.

Information about the submission period is posted on the PEAK/GPEAK Section and the Graduate School Section webpages. Please frequently check the webpage for the update. In the case that you are going to exceed the official length of program in the middle of the academic year (because of the leave period) you do not especially need to submit the notification.

When you wish to extend your enrollment period, first receive a Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period (Master's icon_pdf.gif/Doctoral icon_pdf.gif) from the appropriate section in charge, fill in the necessary items, obtain seals from the academic advisor, the head of the department, and the head of the programm and return this form to that section. The notification form cannot be accepted if students have outstanding financial obligation to the university or if the request form is incomplete.

Please note that if you do not submit a Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period and do not submit either the Request for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence, your enrollment period will be automatically extended until the end of your maximum length of enrollment (three years for Master's students, five years for Ph.D. students) and you will be subject to the next semester's tuition.