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Last modified on August 6, 2020


09.10.2015 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
09.10.2015 Others
Announcement of Job Seminars & Free Parties for International and April-enrolled Students
08.10.2015 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
08.10.2015 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》 Deadline: Thursday, November 5, 2015 16:50 Sciences Po 2016 SPRING SCHOOL European Studies Programme
06.10.2015 Classes
Class Cancellations due to the Komaba Festival
06.10.2015 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》 * Japanese nationality or Permanent resident status required / 独立行政法人日本学生支援機構(JASSO)平成28年度留学生交流支援制度(大学院学位取得型)について
06.10.2015 Others
《Center for Japanese Language Education》 Information for courses starting in October 2015 (Hongo Campus)
05.10.2015 Others
《Student Support》 "My Number" Indivisual Number System is about to begin. Important
05.10.2015 Scholarship
Direct Application: Japan-China Friendship Association (Only in Japanese)
05.10.2015 Scholarship
Direct Application: Ito Foundation for International Education Exchange (Only in Japanese)
02.10.2015 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》【Study Abroad】 Deadline Approaching! Thursday, October 15, 2015 16:50 AY 2015 The University of Tokyo University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) for AY 2016-2017 (Call for Applications)
01.10.2015 GPEAK
List of Intensive Courses is updated.
01.10.2015 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
01.10.2015 Others
2nd Career Seminar for International Students 2015 (only in Japanese)
01.10.2015 Others
158th Seminar by the Department of Life Sciences Premiere Viewing of the "The Fly Room" & Special Talk by Director Alexis Gambi
01.10.2015 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment and Direct Debit Important
30.09.2015 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
30.09.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》 【Housing】 Tokyo International Exchange Center (Application Period Extended) (Only in Japanese)
30.09.2015 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》 Go Global Scholarships First Call for the 2015 Short (3 month-1 year) Study Abroad Scholarships First Call for the 2015 S-Short (less than 3 months) Study Abroad Scholarships *Deadline: Friday, November 6, 2015 16:50
30.09.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》 【Housing】 Direct Application: Tama Esty Student Housing
29.09.2015 GPEAK
List of Course Cancellations is updated.
29.09.2015 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
28.09.2015 Others
Application for Certificate of Completion for the University-wide Education Program for those completing the course in March
25.09.2015 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , October 2015 (only in Japanese)
24.09.2015 Others
《Student Support Division》【Additional Recruitment】On October 11th, Kemigawa Sports Day will be held.
22.09.2015 GPEAK
A Semester (A1/A2) AY2015 Course Registration
17.09.2015 Scholarship
《Global Komaba》 Direct Application: Nomura Foundation (only in Japanese)
07.09.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》 Japanese Language Courses A Semester 2015 【Application Period】 Sep. 7 - 30
07.09.2015 GPEAK
Course Listing is updated.
03.09.2015 Scholarship
《Global Komaba》 Direct Application: Tokyu Foundation for Foreign Students (only in Japanese)
03.09.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》Direct Application: MEGURO Women's Dormitory
02.09.2015 Others
Ceremony for the Commencement of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
01.09.2015 Others
Notice to September 2015 entrants: Tuition fee payment for the year of entry
01.09.2015 Others
《International Planning Group, International Affairs Department 》Survey of International Students at the University of Tokyo: "Why did you choose UTokyo?"
01.09.2015 Others
Counter Service Hours for National Holidays on Which Classes are Held in A Semester (A1・A2) AY2015
31.08.2015 Scholarship
《Global Komaba》 【Housing】 Student Dorm Oak Village --- Deadline: 2015/9/10 (Fri.) 16:50 (only in Japanese)
26.08.2015 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , September 2015 (only in Japanese)
24.08.2015 Others
《Komaba Library》Library services on National Holidays when classes are held
21.08.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》Housing Info for Male Students: Ota House
19.08.2015 Scholarship
《Global Komaba》 Direct Application: Interchange Association (only in Japanese)
19.08.2015 Scholarship
《Global Komaba》Direct Application: Nitori International Scholarship Foundation (only in Japanese)
13.08.2015 GPEAK
《International Student Section》Direct Application: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
11.08.2015 Others
《Disability Services Office》Disability Service Workshop (only in Japanese)
11.08.2015 Others
《Global Komaba》Recruitment of GO Tutors (A Semester 2015) *Online submission deadline: Sunday, September 13, 2015
10.08.2015 Others
《Student Support Division》On October 11th, Kemigawa Sports Day will be held
10.08.2015 GPEAK
Academic gown for the graduation ceremony
07.08.2015 Scholarship
《Scholarships Section》Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the Second Half of AY2015: 【Application Period】Sept. 17 - Oct. 9
05.08.2015 GPEAK
Submission Deadline for Request for Leave of Absence and Request for Resumption of Studies
04.08.2015 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) (only in Japanese)
03.08.2015 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》 【Scholarship】 Deadline : 2015/9/30 (Wed.) 16:50 2015 Tobitate! Study Abroad from Japan, Japan Representative Program (4th Round)(only in Japanese)

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